TWSC operates a ticket system. Each ticket entitles the holder to one boat tow. A tow is a minimum of ten 10 minutes equating to about three laps around our large lake (if you don’t fall too often!). Tickets do not expire (excepting pre-paid block bookings) so you can buy tickets well in advance of using them.

Ticket prices are as follows:-

Ticket Type Single Ticket Book of Tickets
Member £10 £85 (10 tickets)
Junior or Student £10 £85 (11 tickets)
Members’ guests £22
Visitors – cash or cheque on the day £27
Visitors – booked and pre-paid by bank transfer £22

TWSC is a member’s club, run wholly by volunteers and relies on subscriptions to survive. In view of that, Members’ Guests and Visitors may only purchase a maximum of three tows in a season after which they must join if they wish to continue.

To join, download TWSC membership form> here and for BWSW membership> here

On joining, we will happily refund the price difference between Visitors and Members tickets used, up to a maximum of three, however, > Picture this, our new and very popular Special Introductory Offer for newcomers details> here

Annual Waterski & Wakeboard Membership Costs

TWSC offers several different types of annual memberships. You can join at anytime in the year, and your membership is valid for twelve months from the date of joining. In order to join TWSC you have to be a member of British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW). This is for insurance purposes and other benefits. For details visit   If you are already a member of BWSW then you do not have to pay the BWSW membership quoted below. Rejoining next time however is cheaper through TWSC than paying direct.

Any queries please use this > contact form or ring the numbers shown there!.

Membership Type  Pay/month Pay Annual BWSW
Single Membership £21/m £216 £55
Couples Membership £31/m £336 £92
Family Membership £37/m £408 £92
Adult and Child £27/m £288 £75
Junior Membership (under 18) £10/m £84 £20
Student (under 24, in full time education) £10/m £84 £28
Family with Private Boat £60/m £684 £92

Please note TWSC offers different ways to pay your annual membership.

  • One off > Pay annual + BWSW (Note TWSC runs full year and BWSW runs from April 1st each year)
  • Monthly > Standing Order as in the above table + one off payment for BWSW membership. (Please Note: A handling fee of £36 has been included in the monthly payment option)
  • To join, download TWSC membership form>  here and for BWSW membership> here or look inDownloads   For convenience, printable details regarding pricing> here
  • Don’t forget our new and popular Special Introductory Offer for newcomers details> here
  • Picture this
  • Use this > contact form for your queries