Do you have your own boat and find it hard to get time on the water at lakes around Berkshire?

Having looked around many of the private boat lakes ourselves it is really hard to find decent stretches of water on which you can use you own boat without booking time slots a long time in advance.

TWSC offers a private boat membership scheme which you will probably find more suitable if you live in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire or even West London.

Some of the private membership details and benefits are:

  • You do not have to book times in advance
  • Private boat members can use their boats on the lake every day during the week up until 6pm
  • Usually the weekdays are quiet so there’s not often contention for time on the water
  • There is space for three boats operating on the water at any time just in case there are other people there
  • You can leave your boat moored on one of our buoys in the middle of the lake for as long as you like, we have a tender to reach it. (not suitable for outboard powered though)
  • You can also use your boats before 9am and after 7pm on the weekends
  • As a member you can use the club boats if you want to get on the water any time outside the private boat member times
  • There’s a really nice, small community of private boat members to meet

You can see full details of our private boat membership costs in the ‘club information’ area or do feel free to contact us directly if you prefer