BWSW Volunteer of the Year 2021 – TWSC wins again!

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We’re extremely proud to share that Bob Langdown and John Howard have just been jointly awarded BWSW Volunteer of the Year 2021 during today’s BWSW AGM.

And that’s not all as we’d also like to announce …..



The TWSC Heroes Award 2021

It’s impossible to avoid clichés, but we’ve all been through a couple of unprecedented years and it’s meant that we’ve had to adapt. We are a club run by its members and would like to thank you all for your dedication and contribution to our community, especially through these trying times.

However, for 2021 we’d like to recognise Bob and John for a very special TWSC award.  These two come as a pair when it comes to recognition and are the patriarchs of our club.

Amongst other tasks, they drive the boats, nurture other club members and have taught an awful LOT of people to waterski and wakeboard. These dedicated *senior club members are exceptional monoskiers themselves and they pass on their wealth of experience and knowledge to other club members and our guests. They live and breathe waterskiing with a passion.

*read ‘senior’ as the wrong side of 50 and then some – or another way, they have over 150 years life experience between them

Bob and John are the very heart of our club – without them we wouldn’t be the club we are.  Between them they have over 70 years’ service at TWSC. Both are current (and long-standing) committee members and have covered many roles, including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, health and safety rep.

They work as a team, fixing anything that’s wrong with the boats, the club house (including the loos), the buoys, the deck, the trees, the lane, the fencing, the website ….. in fact, ANYTHING that’s broken or needs updating, they are there implementing a resolution. John provides training on boat driving and gives up his time to test new drivers. Bob looks after the books … down to the penny. They also organise any of our First Aid and child protection training etc..

It’s hard not to gush about the role that these two provide with regard to the sport and our club. Bob and John both retired in recent years and continue to give up their time to ensure that our club runs smoothly. Thank you to their supportive partners, both named Sue, who kindly share them with us and let them spend time following their passion; monoskiing, teaching others and running the club.

The duo are always happy to share their knowledge, give you tips on your skiing/driving and various other tasks that are required to keep our club moving. During pre-pandemic times, Bob and John were key to the slick running of our Saturday morning bookings which are open to non-members. It’s impossible to know how many beginners they’ve got up and skiing.

Massive thank you (and big virtual hugs) to Bob and John and everything they do for our club and for us as individuals.