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Become a TWSC member

If you’d like to join or need more information please use the Contact Form, normally we’ll reply to emails on the same day, or simply download here our membership form to join TWSC. complete and send it to us (address is at foot of the form).

Note:  All members must be affiliated to BWSW either through TWSC or another club. If you are not already a member of BWSW you will need to add their membership fee as shown on the TWSC Membership Form.

See below for BWSW information

BWSW Information and Membership Form

To sign up for BWSW membership please also complete this BWS Application Form and send to us together with your completed Membership Form (Address is at foot of the Form).

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Information about TWSC

All of the information about TWSC is on this website and on our downloadable leaflet.

Directions to TWSC

Download and print direction information and useful map here.

TWSC Club Rules

There are club rules for all our members and guests so it’s important to read through the TWSC rules if you’re coming to see us or you’ve joined as a member. Use ‘Contact’ to request a copy.

TWSC Byelaws

It is important to read the TWSC byelaws if you’re joining. There’s more important information that isn’t in the TWSC rules above. Use Contact to request a copy

Apportionment of lake usage for all members

Check out our chart showing lake availability

Map of the lake

View the general layout of the lake

Beginners guides

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